The procedure is a reversed electro-plating process. The workpiece to be polished is connected as Anode. At high points on the surface, the metal erodes because of advantageous voltage spikes.
Surface passivation occurs simultaneously with electropolishing under proper operating conditions. Free iron on the surface of the stainless steel is removed resulting in improved corrosion resistance. Surface smoothing obtained by electropolishing will also improve corrosion resistance. Electropolishing will also remove heat tint and oxide scale.
The TFT LCD industry Diffuser (G5) treated by electropolishing.


The benefits of Electropolishing,

  • Removes elemental Iron from the surface of stainless steel alloys, enhancing the chromium/nickel content resulting in improved resistance to corrosion
  • Improves surface smoothness by leveling micro peaks and valleys resulting in easier sterilization and maintenance of clean surface on medical, food and beverage, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
  • Provides most superior form of passivation in stainless steel
  • Removes burrs
  • Less friction and surface results in reduced product adhesion and ease of cleaning
  • Removes stressed and disturbed layer of surface metal caused by cutting or mechanical finishing.
  • Improves surface brightness and reflectivity.
  • Removes metallic and non-metallic inclusions unavoidably introduced during manufacturing.
  • Economical polishing of large numbers of small parts and configurations that are inaccessible to mechanical polishing.
Artificial hip joint – deburring and sterilization.
Shower Head for semiconductor industry.


Electropolishing can be used for stainless steels or Aluminum alloys.


Electropolishing is exceptionally suited for, for example, preparation for sterilization, or for vacuum equipment where level surfaces are required on which no bacteria can establish themselves or gas contamination take place.
  • Automotive sector
  • Food industry
  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Defence sector
  • Aerospace industry
  • Semiconductor / TFT LCD industry